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Profile of the Principal

Education is the manifestation of perfection in man. - Swami Vivekananda
Man is a biological unit to be moulded. Human beings think of higher values only in calmness. We should work to create a new set of students who are awakened about the glory of our culture and unsurpassable history. Once they are awakened, they not only think about themselves, but they become equipped to walk an extra mile, ready to share and care. This needs to be addressed immediately at a drastic manner.
Schools must not only be the centres for development of successful members of society, but also centres of awakening future citizens of India, who can take up the task of Nation Building. Education is to discover the possibilities of freedom and responsibilities of an individual. It involves opening of MIND. Students are to be told of new ways of thinking which will help them to identify extraordinary greatness within themselves The intrinsic greatness should be ignited in the young age. Enthusiasm and energy should be kindled to see the consequences of each action they do. Education should help students to expand from pure academics to discover the talents and capabilities within themselves.
Every year, global progress happens in leaps and bounds. But hand in hand with knowledge, the challenges grow as well. Even as the roads to learning multiply, so do the obstacles along the way. At such times, all we can offer is in terms of wisdom and insight. Children learn everywhere and all the time. But of all the places where learning happens, nowhere is as safe as or as sanctified as Ramaiah Vidyaniketan is. !.

Profile of the Teaching Staff

The faculty at Ramaiah Vidya Niketan are a dedicated and committed group who have no qualms about going the extra mile for a student. Many of them have been a part of the faculty for over a decade and provide maturity and stability. Our recent appointees being younger in age keep us fresh and current. An open minded and willing approach are what define the faculty.